Travelling to Green List Countries

Travelling to Green List Countries

Travelling to Green List Countries

Travellers from green list countries will no longer have to undergo 10 days of quarantine after arriving in the UK. The UK Government reviews its traffic light system every three weeks and applies changes to four nations – the UK, the European Union, the Netherlands and Norway. Those who travel to green list countries will be exempted from the 10-day isolation period. The government has issued a guide to travel to green list countries, as well as details of their requirements.

The government has announced changes to the UK’s travel rules, which affect seven countries, including Portugal. The new rules will take effect on Monday 30 August and will allow British citizens to book a holiday abroad or visit family abroad without having to worry about catching a disease. The changes also affect those who live in Scotland and Northern Ireland, although the Welsh government has yet to confirm whether the new rules will apply to them. The new green list countries have been ranked as low health risks by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The criteria for inclusion on the green list are the same as those for the red list. The only difference is the criteria. In the case of the UK, if you’re fully vaccinated, there is no need to go through quarantine. Instead, you can book a day-two test and pay for it. The NHS no longer offers day-two tests, so it’s important to use a private testing provider for your second test. You can also upload a photo of your test along with the booking reference.

A new rule on vaccinations has changed the travel rules for several countries. Previously, travellers were required to quarantine themselves before leaving their home country, but now they can travel with no restrictions. The UK government has added six countries to the green list after they demonstrated a low risk to the public’s health. This new policy means that British travellers will no longer have to self-isolate if they are double-jabbed.

In addition to the yellow and red zones, the UK has a green list of countries that have no quarantine or health inspection requirements. Among these, the Azores, the British Virgin Islands, Israel, Portugal, Singapore, and the United States are included. If you’re planning to visit a country on the “green” list, you’ll have to undergo a Covid-19 PCR test prior to departure and an AFP blood test on day two after arrival. The UK also keeps a green watchlist of countries that are at risk of reclassification.

There are many other countries that have a green list, but it can be a tough nut to find one in your travel plans. If you’re traveling to these countries, you will have to book a Covid-19 PCR test upon arrival. The UK’s health authorities will require a Covid-19 test for you, but you don’t have to quarantine your child if you’re travelling on a plane.

Originally posted on March 6, 2022 @ 3:13 am