What Is TSA PreCheck and How Does It Work?

If you’re a frequent flier, you probably already know about TSA PreCheck, a new program that offers trusted traveler benefits at airport security checkpoints. What is TSA PreCheck and how does it work? This article will provide an overview of the program, including the cost, how to enroll, and perk details. If you’re wondering about this new program, consider the many advantages it offers.


TSA PreCheck is a program that lets you skip the security line at airports. Although you must pay a one-time application fee of $85 (refundable every five years), a TSA PreCheck membership will save you time and money at the airport. The program is available on more than 200 airports and 80 airlines. Applicants must have a known traveler number. Once they have this number, they will receive a boarding pass that says “PreCheck.”

Some travel rewards credit cards offer statement credits for TSA PreCheck. These credits usually come in the form of a credit of up to $85 and are often available within a few billing cycles of the initial charge. Check your credit card’s terms to see if yours offers a TSA Precheck statement credit before applying. In addition to statement credits, some credit cards offer additional benefits like airport lounge access. You can check with your bank about this benefit before you make your decision.

Enrollment process

The TSA precheck enrollment process is simple, but requires some paperwork. After completing the online application, you will need to visit a TSA precheck application center to submit your biographical information and fingerprints. You will also need to present a valid photo ID and a certified copy of your birth certificate. You should plan on waiting about 45 days before you travel to complete the process. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can always request an appointment online.

To apply for TSA Precheck, you must be a US citizen, or hold a passport that has been issued by a foreign country. The application process typically takes between five and ten minutes. You must also provide a photo ID and proof of citizenship or lawful permanent residency. You should pay $85 to enroll in TSA PreCheck. After you complete the application process, you will be directed to a screening center. There, you will be fingerprinted and undergo a background check. The whole process will cost you around $85 and is valid for five years. Once you are approved, you will be directed to a special TSA Pre(tm) lane.


A TSA PreCheck membership has its perks. When you have it, you go through a separate line for screening instead of the long, slow line. You don’t need to remove your shoes, belts, layers, or liquids. The entire process is much less stressful, especially when compared to the long line. Additionally, children under the age of 12 can benefit from TSA PreCheck. You can apply online to join.

After you apply online, TSA will email you confirmation of your appointment. Once you pay the fee, you will need to submit proof of your citizenship or Known Traveler Number. You will also need to pay a fee of $85. You can renew TSA PreCheck on the TSA’s website, but some people must visit an enrollment center to renew. If you change your name, you may have to get fingerprints taken again. Moreover, your renewal process may take as long as three weeks, so make sure you plan well in advance.


The Transportation Security Administration has expanded its TSA PreCheck program to international airports. This program, which costs $85 for five years, allows low-risk travelers to speed through security. As of January 2022, 97 percent of members cleared through security in under five minutes. The program is currently available at more than 200 airports in the United States. To become a member, complete your information online and pay the $75 application fee. You can also make an appointment online to avoid any long lines.

The TSA PreCheck application process must be completed within 120 days of submission. While walk-in interviews are allowed, appointments are preferred. You can schedule an appointment with a TSA representative at more than 380 enrollment centers. However, the company recommends that you schedule an appointment so that you get priority. You can choose to visit different enrollment centers, but you should be prepared to wait a few extra minutes in a busy enrollment center.