Delta Carry on Luggage Size Guidelines

Delta Carry on Luggage Size Guidelines

Delta Carry on Luggage Size Guidelines

Delta has a specific carry-on size, which is 22 inches by 14 inches by nine inches. However, you can modify this size by using a Delta sizer. However, you must keep in mind that larger bags are often checked. The sizer may be larger than the actual carry-on size. This means that you can’t carry too much in your bag. The best size for your carry-on bag is one that won’t be more than 45 inches long.

Limits on carry-on luggage

There are specific limitations on the size of carry-on luggage that Delta allows. Typically, a carry-on bag cannot exceed 45 linear inches. This includes height, width, and depth. In addition, it must be less than 19 pounds. There are exceptions to these limits for various items.

To get around this limitation, you can buy a carry-on sizer. The sizer allows you to make sure your carry-on luggage is within the size limitations for Delta. It is important to note that the carry-on baggage limit may vary from flight to flight, so it’s best to check the guidelines before you buy your carry-on luggage.


When it comes to Delta carry-on luggage sizes, there are a number of important guidelines that must be adhered to. These include the size of the handles and wheels of your carry-on bag. However, there are also several exemptions for certain circumstances. One such exemption is for infants-in-arms, who can travel with one small carry-on bag.

Delta’s carry-on bag policy allows one personal item and one carry-on bag per passenger. This carry-on item must meet certain size and weight requirements, and it must not contain any objects that are prohibited by Delta. In addition, a passenger may have to pay for checked luggage. The cost varies depending on seat class, airline status, and the weight limit.

Fees for oversized or overweight items

If you are traveling with a large or oversized item, you should be aware of Delta’s baggage policies. These rules vary according to route and fare type. Any item that exceeds the size or weight limits will be charged an additional fee. The fees for oversized and overweight items can range anywhere from $60 to $100.

Checked baggage must be under fifty pounds and 62 inches in diameter. Some airlines allow larger bags weighing up to 100 pounds, but these bags will require a fee. The fees for oversized and overweight items differ based on size and weight, so a large bag could be subject to three separate fees.

Free personal item

As long as your carry-on bag meets the size and weight requirements of the aircraft, you can bring one free personal item with you on Delta flights. In order to qualify, your carry-on bag must be less than 22 inches long, 14 inches wide, and nine inches high. It should fit underneath the seat in front of you.

Personal items may not exceed the size of the airline’s carry-on bag, but they can be larger than 100 ml. However, they must fit into a small, see-through, re-sealable bag measuring no more than 20x20cm.