How to Plan a Perfect Weekend Getaway

No matter the nature of your weekend trip, whether you want an action-packed adventure or relaxing retreat, you have numerous choices available to you. However, planning is key when only having limited time off work to take advantage of them all! To help ensure a great getaway experience here are a few key pointers for making sure it goes off perfectly:

Travel experts advise choosing an easily-reachable destination, such as one within four-hour driving or nonstop flight distance of home. This will give you more freedom and limit transportation expenses, giving you maximum flexibility without breaking the bank on transportation costs. When planning day trips by driving or flying, visit unique day trips within each region, book attractions in advance via booking engines such as Expedia to avoid long lines when arriving at your destination, etc.

Setting Your Budget

Once you know how much of a budget you have for your travel plans, determine the kind of accommodation most important to you. Hotels might be ideal, but other possibilities include B&Bs/guesthouses, Airbnb rentals (get $40 off on your first stay!), camping and more.

When visiting New York City, staying in Manhattan will put you close to all of the attractions. For historical neighborhoods with rich histories such as Upper East or Upper West Side or shopping venues such as Midtown Manhattan.

How to Plan a Perfect Weekend Getaway

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