Planning a Romantic Getaway – Destination Ideas

Planning a Romantic Getaway Destination Ideas

Breaking away for the weekend can be one of the best ways to rekindle romance between partners. It provides an opportunity to spend quality time without distractions such as work, kids or chores; plus it’s an incredible way to break the routine and breathe some fresh air!

Destinations is often the focal point of romantic getaways. Selecting somewhere meaningful and fun together will set the stage for your journey – especially if it coincides with an important date such as an anniversary, birthday or first trip together.

No doubt your budget will play a large part in what kind of romantic getaway you enjoy, but that doesn’t have to mean compromising the fun. There are wonderful hotels, cabins and boutique inns available at very reasonable rates that offer romantic experiences such as breakfast in bed or bubble bath with special touches (flowers or candles included!). Also try looking into inexpensive activities available through hotels; enjoy luxurious hotel experiences without breaking the bank!

Take a page out of Manhattan’s romantic filmbook when planning a visit. Stop at the coffee shop from You’ve Got Mail or practice your best Amy Adams impression while strolling Central Park before ending your evening with world-class theatre or cabaret performances, such as Broadway’s The Phantom of the Opera or something more intimate like burlesque shows or jazz or singer-songwriter concerts; New York can provide the ideal stage for modern love stories!

Planning a Romantic Getaway – Destination Ideas

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