WWII Sites and Museums

Traveling for History Enthusiasts WWII Sites and Museums

Travel for History Enthusiasts: WWII Sites and Museums As a history enthusiast, WWII has likely had a tremendous effect on your life. While most are aware of events such as Hiroshima being bombed and Normandy being invaded, there are actually quite a few sites important for history buffs that shed more light on how this period changed the world today.

The Smithsonian-affiliated National World War II Museum in New Orleans is renowned among visitors as an unforgettable tourist attraction in America – and for good reason! It provides visitors with an interactive and engaging history lesson of this pivotal period in American history through interactive exhibits; one notable highlight being a B-17 Memphis Belle aircraft sitting proudly within its walls.

History enthusiasts may also find the German city of Berlin to be of particular interest. Here, visitors can gain insights into everyday life in East Germany at the DDR Museum which features an authentic apartment with “the original GDR smell”, exhibitions on topics like schooling, working and Stasi surveillance as well as Checkpoint Charlie which features remains of the Berlin Wall painted with murals by 105 artists to commemorate freedom.

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WWII Sites and Museums

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